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     Brittany burst through the front door and inhaled. "Ahhhhhh! Finally home!" She neatly set her pink purse aside next to the front door and twirled around several times. Jeanette and Eleanor both walked in after her, also setting their purple and green purses down neatly next to hers.
     "What's gotten into her?" Jeanette whispered to Ellie. They both exchanged looks. "Too much, chocolate?" They both watched the pink Chipette twirl around and around; her skirt lifting up a bit and twirling. "Errmm?" Jeanette slowly walked past Brittany, avoiding Brit to crash into her. Ellie followed. At the exact same time, the boys burst in.
     "I'm ho.. oof!" Alvin and Brittany fell to the ground and quickly sat up. They rubbed the side of their heads. "Watch where you're goin'!" Alvin stood up and dusted his red hoodie off. Brittany stood up too, and dusted her pink jacket off.
     "You might wanna watch where you're going too!" She glared at Alvin. While Alvin and Brit argued, Jeanette glanced over at Simon. In that moment, Jeanette felt as if they were the only two in the room. She stood there, gazing at Simon. She sighed in love. Next to her, Ellie noticed her older sister daydreaming. As she turned to face Theodore, she noticed Theodore was also looking back at her. Ellie quickly turned to face another way as her tail slowly wagged.
     Theodore blushed, and noticed Jeanette was gazing at Simon. He tugged on Simon's sweater. "Hey Simon. I think your love is daydreaming again." Simon turned to Jeanette, adjusted his glasses, and saw the beautiful purple Chipette looking in his direction. As soon as Simon noticed Jeanette, she quickly blushed and turned to Eleanor to start chatting. Simon chuckled and Theodore giggled. Dave burst through the door last.
     "We're having sandwiches for...." He had noticed Alvin and Brittany arguing and looked at them sternly. They quickly shut their little mouths. "We're having sandwiches for lunch. Jeanette, Simon... can you help me make them? Theodore, Eleanor... can you please set the table? Alvin, Brittany... wait quietly in the living room without arguing for once?" He carried the groceries into the kitchen while Simon and Jeanette followed. Eleanor and Theodore held paws and walked to the dining table. Brittany groaned and walked to the couch while Alvin followed.
     "I'm stuck here with you and it's all your fault." She hoped on the couch and sat down; she crossed her arms and glared at Alvin as he sat on the opposite side of the couch.
     "Oh yeah. My fault. You were the one who twirled into me!" He glared back at her.
     "I'm sorry if I can't twirl freely here!" She stuck her tongue out at him. He marched to her side and stood there, angrily. Alvin sat down next to her and crossed his arms. Minutes later, his anger faded away and love faded in. He glanced over at Brittany; she was falling asleep. Alvin chuckled and scooted closer to her. He quickly looked around the room and wrapped his arm around her.
     "Alvin! Brittany! Sandwiches are ready!" Dave yelled from the kitchen. Alvin jumped, and quickly unwrapped his arm from Brittany. She slowly opened her big blue eyes and looked at Alvin.
     "What are you--" Brittany was interrupted by Alvin as he quickly stood up.
     "Sandwiches are ready!" He hoped off the couch and ran to the dining room. Confused, Brittany followed him.
     In the dining room, Jeanette and Simon were sharing a sandwich while sitting next to each other; Theodore and Eleanor were sharing their sandwich while sitting across each other; and Dave was eating his sandwich with orange juice. Alvin and Brittany both hopped onto the dining table and walked to their plates. Brittany looked down at her half-sandwich and then looked at Alvin's. She noticed that his half-sandwich was the part missing from her sandwich. When Theodore and Eleanor got to the last bite, they looked at each other.
     "Here, you can have it, my beautiful green gum drop." He blushed and handed Ellie the last piece of their sandwich. Ellie looked at it and refused.
     "No, I want you to have it, Theo." She smiled at him. Theo looked at the piece in his paws and thought.
     "How about we share it!" He smiled brightly and stuck half of the piece in his mouth. "Lwike dwish!" Ellie didn't know how to share that such tiny piece, until she finally figured it out. She leaned in and bit the half piece that was sticking out of Theo's mouth. As soon as their lips touched, they both blushed. It was just like a kiss.... except for the sandwich piece. After they were done, they put their green plate in the dishwasher.
     On the other side of the dining table, Simon was calculating the math about who should eat the last piece. "Let's see here..... since I took twenty-four bites, you must have taken twenty-three bites. Therefore, the last piece is yours, Jeanette." He handed the last piece to Jeanette. She ate the last piece and they both carried their blue plate to the dishwasher. Dave was also finished after them and had put his dishes in the dishwasher.
     Last but not least, were Alvin and Brittany. When Alvin was done, he wiped his paws on his red hoodie and took his red plate to the dishwasher. He noticed that Brittany was almost done, so he hid in the dishwasher behind his plate. When Brittany was approaching the dishwasher and was about to put her pink plate in, Alvin stumbled out from behind his plate and yelled out. Brittany's eyes widened and she shrieked.
     "ALVIN! Don't scare me like that! I'm gonna get you back!" She put her plate inside and ran off into the living room while Alvin laughed and followed.
After a normal day of school, the boys and the girls are up to their usual antics; Jeanette is admiring Simon; Eleanor and Theodore admire each other; Brittany and Alvin argue..... then make up. Then for lunch, it's the same as usual; Simon and Jeanette are calculating their share of food; Theodore comes up with a cute way to share; Alvin scares Brittany after eating. Can Alvin cause even more trouble?
DarkSnowyOwl Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012
I'm honestly surprised that this doesn't have a TON more people reading it and comments. It's truly excellent. Adorable, hilarious, flirty, and well-thought out. You stuck to their movie character personalities very well. I can't really find anything to complain about. My favorite part was Theo and Ellie's accidental kiss. That was clever, might use that idea. ^_^
Trust me, this is a great story and would earn MUCH more reviews and readers on Fanfiction. =)
GummyBearVanii Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Heh, thanks again. I'll try getting an account soon.
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